These are not like your “traditional” fluffy breads. Our breads are made in a more simple/less intrusive process. There are no preservatives added; we rely on the natural preservation of dehydrating foods. Unlike conventional, wheat flour based, baked breads that are stripped of most or all of their pure or natural nutrition, these breads are the complete opposite. Since they are dehydrated instead of being baked they have a more dense texture and concentrated flavor; in addition, this process allows them to retain all their natural nutritional components. These breads/wraps are very versatile and can be used so many different ways. The products themselves are 100% vegan and delicious!

You’re only limitted by your imagination/creativity. That being said, get creative and enjoy!!

**Storage and shelflife on our breads are very simple. We recommend they be stored in an airtight vessel (such as a resealable bag) and kept out of direct sun, extreme heat or moisture. They can be stored in a cool dark place such as a pantry, or even refrigerate or freeze for longevity. For true freshness and nurtient integrity we recommend eating them within a few weeks.

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