Hello! Welcome to our storefront section of our website.

We are so excited to finally open the doors of our factory/kitchen to the public so we may offer a variety of fresh, organic, hand made, healthy, quality foods every day. We are a small family owned business and are growing as we go. We have big ideas and the menu will just get better and better.

We strive to create wholesome healthy foods (snacks and/or meals). We do not compromise on quality ingredients. There are no processed sugars in any of our products. The sweeteners we use are either dates or 100% pure maple syrup.

Everything we use at Old Earth is made in house, fresh. Meaning, we juice whole oranges for our smoothies, make our own nut mylks, we even make our coconut manna, tahini and “flours”.

The menu is subject to availability and may change slightly or become temporarily out of stock.
Please call ahead to check on availability of a specific item.

Our menu is dairy free, gluten free, plant based, raw, and 100% organic!


All smoothies are made with 100% organic whole fruits. No ice, no syrups, no junk! Any juice used in our smoothies are made in house, no preservatives and unpasteurized.

All smoothies are 16 oz

pineapple, banana and fresh squeezed orange juice

raspberry, mango, orange juice and medjoul date

pineapple, blackberry, banana, medjoul date

blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, orange juice, medjoul date & mint

strawberry, banana, orange juice, medjoul date

GO GREEN $6.50
banana, kale, micro greens, parsley, date
optional add-ons (when/if available): mint, cilantro

fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh whole cranberries, pineapple, banana, date

banana, fresh squeezed lemon juice, whole ginger, date

ADD – ONS $1.00/1 oz
ginger, lemon, hemp, kale/spinach, micro greens, chia seeds, peanut butter


Our juices are cold pressed and made-to-order. This provides the freshest, most nutrient dense juice available.

* Why cold pressed?
This method of juicing is done at a low heat allowing the temperature sensitive vitamins to not be harmed in the process of making the juice.

All juices are 16 oz

apple, carrot, broccoli, kale, beet, lemon

celery, apple, parsley, ginger

celery, cucumber, kale &/or spinach, cilantro &/or parsley, lemon, ginger

carrot, cucumber, celery, parsley, cilantro

beet, carrot, cucumber, apple and lemon


Yes! Dairy free mylk shakes!!!! These all have a base of frozen organic banana and fresh, home made nut mylk.

All shakes are 16 oz

Made with 100% RAW CACAO!! Rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

No salt, No sugar organic peanut butter


fresh pressed carrot-ginger juice, banana, coconut mylk, cinnamon


ORANGE $5.00

* add fresh mint at no additional charge … delicious with cacao and chocolate-peanut butter!!! *


This section of the menu is in the making of growing dramatically. Nevertheless we are starting off with our signature items. Not only will they provide you with a delicious, healthy, nutrient dense meal but they will also introduce you to some of our packaged items to familiarize yourself with what to do with them.

Everything on our menu is dairy free, gluten free, plant based, raw, and 100% organic!


$5.75 (with greens)
$4.00/7 oz
~ raw fusion ~
We “fuse” cooked quinoa with raw veggies to create a balanced salad that goes with many dishes or a la carte.
Our favorite way to eat it is on a bed of greens topped with our house made cashew zucchini hummus a few slices of cucumber and a light drizzle of greek extra virgin olive oil.

$12.50 large/dinner
A bed of greens topped with a generous portion of crimini mushrooms marinated in a fresh herb, garlic balsamic vinaigrette, tomatoes and thinly sliced onion


A unique twist on an a traditional “sandwich”. This is prepared open-faced on our 
zucchini walnut flatbread. Topped with unsweetened, unsalted peanut butter, slices of banana and sprinkled with cinnamon! A perfect snack or light meal. Our zucchini walnut flatbread is dense, filling, super low carb and packed with protein! 

This is a great snack or appetizer. So rich and flavorful! We cover our house made raw caraway bread (made with sprouted sunflower and raw Spanish almonds) with a basil, kale pesto spread and top it with slices of tomato. 


Our version of a bagel and cream cheese… a cashew based creamy chive spread on top of our house made raw caraway bread (made with sprouted sunflower seeds and raw Spanish almonds) then topped with cucumber and micro greens. 

A wonderful source of probiotics! Similar to an open faced sandwich. Our house made, raw caraway flatbread is covered with our 
cashew-zucchini hummus. Next is a layer of cucumber and tomato slices. Finishing with our house made, old fashioned sauerkraut (aged in a ceramic crock), garnished with micro greens.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WRAPS & MORE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Made with our home made onion wraps. These wraps are bursting with flavor, comparable to french onion soup or carmelized onions. A great base to any meal!


This mouth watering “sandwich” is a perfect lunch or dinner. We start with a base of our cashew-zucchini hummus and guacamole. Then we load it with tomatoes, cucumber, feild greens and micro greens.


Made with our classic, old fashioned sauerkraut aged in a ceramic crock. The onion wrap is stuffed with our probiotic rich – living sauerkraut, micro greens, guacamole and mixed greens. 

Delicious raw, vegan, nutritionally dense version of the traditional Mexican dish. Made on our house made dehydrated veggie packed *corn free* shell, layered with guacamole, a spiced mushroom pate, shredded lettuce, diced onion, tomato and our cashew-chive “sour cream” garnished with fresh cilantro. 

**add Quinoa salad $1.50/3 oz**
Raw (dehydrated) whole vegetable chips, made in house with our cashew zucchini hummus. Add our raw fusion quinoa salad for some extra protein. Quinoa is cooked then we add raw zucchini, tomato, onion and parsley. (served cold)


This is a raw/low carb version of traditional spaghetti using spiral cut zucchini as the noodle. Crisp and light, but don’t let that be misleading… this dish is quite filling.

small (7 oz)
$12.50 large (14 oz)
Amazingly rich and creamy cashew, pine nut sauce with your choice of raw crimini mushrooms, tomato and/or onion. Deeelicious!!!!

 small (6 oz)

$14/ large (12 oz)
Our pesto sauce is a dairy free version of a traditional pesto. Loaded with flavor and texture, this dish is a comfort food. The pesto is a base of fresh basil and kale; the zoodles are topped with fresh broccoli and crimini mushrooms.


Lemon Coconut Delights
$5.50/package of 3

These date balls are exploding with flavor! There are no processed sugars, just raw Spanish almonds, dates, coconut, chia seed, lemon juice and zest. They are a great source of energy and amazingly refreshing!!

Chocolate Cheezecake

This pie is made with a dense cashew cream on top of an almond-date crust. We use 100% raw cacao rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Carrot Cake
Bursting with flavor, this guilt free dessert will have anyone licking their plate! Double layered walnut cake with a lemon cashew cream icing. Loaded with currants, spices and, of course, carrots!

Strawberry Cake
Amazingly delicious raw, vegan *seasonal* cake. The cake is a walnut coconut base loaded with local, hand-picked organic strawberries and a creamy cashew icing!


Veggie Chips
$3.00/1.5 oz
$6.50/4.25 oz
Our veggie chips are the only real RAW veggie chips around. They are about 75% whole vegetable (carrot, celery, beet, broccoli, kale, parsley) mixed with flax seed, nutritional yeast and chili powder. These chips are crisp and sturdy. Great for dipping or just snack on them as is.

Chili Lime Candied Almonds
$7.00/3.5 oz

The perfect snack or add to a salad, rice, steamed veggies… we soak our Spanish, raw/unpasteurized, almonds. Then coat them with a chili-lime date paste. No processed sugar, just medjoul dates. They are delicious! 



Cashew-Zucchini Hummus
$7.00/8 oz
A perfect blend of creamy cashews and crisp zucchini. This spread is great with just about anything… dip veggies -or veggie chips- in it, put it on sandwiches, add to salads, you name it!

Alfredo Sauce $7.00/8 oz
This cashew based *dairy free* cream sauce is loaded with with fresh herbs and spices giving it a robust taste. Our Alfredo sauce can be enjoyed cold or warm. 

Pesto Spread $7.50/5 oz
A *dairy free* twist on a traditional coarse pesto with intense, bold flavor! Made with a fresh basil/kale blend this sauce/spread can be used as a sandwich spread, pizza sauce, served with noodles, used as a dip… it’s extremely