About Old Earth

Old Earth is a family owned company established in 2014 with the intention to provide pure, minimally processed, whole food products. The name Old Earth reflects the concept of reverting back to the old style of eating (before food was created in a chemists’ lab). The oldest, most effective way to naturally preserve food is by dehydration. Here at Old Earth we use a slow drying process of typically twenty hours at 110 degrees to preserve our products. Our ingredients are whole foods.  By definition, whole foods mean food that has been minimally processed (or not at all) and contains no additives or artificial substances. At Old Earth we believe that food should not only have amazing flavor but should also be packed with nutrition. Most foods these days are nutritionally void and have been heated and/or over-processed stripping them of their vitamins and minerals. Some of them are then “fortified” or “enriched” with synthetic versions of these nutrients that they once possessed naturally. The body is extremely sensitive when it comes to digestion and does not recognized most man-made chemical versions of nutrients. We are dedicated to making sure all of our products maintain the quality and wholesomeness that we have described here.

Everything we make in our factory is gluten free. In addition to gluten free we keep our products raw vegan as well. That means we do not use any animal products whatsoever, and do not “cook” anything. As mentioned earlier, any heat that is applied is done so at a very low temperature maintaining the integrity of the ingredients. Furthermore, we are committed to using only non gmo ingredients.

Always try to think about why we eat. Food provides our bodies with fuel and the essential elements for all bodily functions. Without these essential elements, over time, our bodies start to become deficient and develop problems. Our species started eating whole foods not factory foods. Choose your foods wisely!